Google launches social search

Google launches social search

Just when you thought Google couldn’t index any more and provide any more relevant results to your queries, it’s now going to be indexing blogs, tweets, websites and social profiles of your friends and offering those to you as results for your search.

The new experiment is called Social Search and you currently have to opt in to it on the Google Labs website. Once you have done so, when you search on Google for something Google will also index the content written by your friends to see if they have written about it recently.

For example, in this search we looked for Andy Warhol and found a blog that we read regularly had mentioned him.


Why Andy Warhol? Because we tried countless other searches beforehand only to draw a blank. This service is so new that there are few indexed pages, thus very few results.

Google hailed this new search application on their blog:

These social results will include relevant websites, blogs, status updates, and other publicly-available content from your online friends and contacts.

So if you’re planning a trip to Cairo, and a friend of yours happens to have listed great places to stay on his website, Google Social Search makes it much easier to find this kind of content.

As this service becomes more widespread you can expect more results to start to filter into your natural search results, but it’s all dependant on you creating your Google Profile, adding your websites and Google indexing those websites too.

This of course has an impact for SEO because now it’s even more important to utilise social networking websites and blogs in order to attract a following and rank within Google’s Social Search results.

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