Google launches Me on the Web

    Posted on June 25, 2011


    Google has created another way for businesses to monitor their online reputation, called Me on the Web. The new tool from Google is situated on the Google dashboard, below Account Details and can be accessed when you have signed into your account. This new initiative from the search engine giant also allows you to create a Google Alert so that you are made aware when your business name or email address are mentioned by a third party on the web.

    In addition, Google will also provide links to resources that can be utilised to control the information published by third parties about your business on the web. One of the resources will show you how to contact the webmaster of a site and request that information about your business is removed. Social networking sites provide a powerful platform for the search engine optimisation strategy of a business, with the ability to control who has access to your information. You choose your target audience for specific postings, building your brand online. As your online reputation is also determined by the information posted by third party users, Google has created Me on the Web to help businesses to choose how they are identified by others on the web.

    There are numerous benefits of the new tool, including a URL removal tool which can be used when confidential data has been published in error,. The new tool from Google will provide increased opportunities for people working in search engine optimisation, with online reputation management playing a critical role in any SEO campaign.

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