Google launches comparison tool for financial products

Posted on May 6, 2012


Searches for credit cards, savings accounts and current accounts in the UK using Google will now prompt the search engine to offer the opportunity to use its price comparison tool to find the best deals. The search results will appear in the sponsored box, beneath the adverts and above organic search results.

The companies that appear in the sponsored box are the ones which are partnered with Google. If a consumer clicks on the button to obtain information, they will be informed that commission may be paid to the search engine if a product is purchased. The new development may result in non-sponsored companies appearing lower down in the search rankings, with the SERPs becoming more complex as businesses compete.

In early 2011, Google acquired Beatmyquote, a comparison website which is said to be

“more visually pleasing and transparent”

according to a spokesperson for Google.

If a user wants to search all available products, they can use the advanced search option so that all companies appear, rather than just the companies partnered with Google. The product management director for Google, John Paleomylites said:

“The enhanced service is now easier to use for consumers and will provide higher quality traffic for advertisers. We will introduce this improved design layout for searches around credit cards, current and savings accounts in the UK.”

Businesses in all areas of the UK, including larger cities like Liverpool, will have to monitor their search engine optimisation programmes carefully, as the development may affect page rankings for their companies.

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