Google intends to keep Android devices safe from harmful apps

Posted on April 14, 2014


Search giant Google is now taking security to the next level after revealing plans to constantly check apps on Android smartphones and tablets, even after installation, to ensure that they remain safe to use.

The company has unveiled a list of countermeasures that will be used to keep mobile devices safe from harmful applications that they may encounter. In a blog post on the official Android site, the new initiative was announced, detailing Google’s intentions but highlighting the fact that it is rare for users to encounter unsafe apps.

Google, whose search engine keeps SEO firms on the ball, has implemented these security measures on top of its Verify software, which performs security checks on apps when they are purchased or downloaded from the Google Play store.

Instead of only carrying out checks when the app is initially downloaded, they will now be run continually.

Rich Cannings, a security engineer of the Android operating system, confirmed this by explaining that devices will be checked:

“[…] to make sure that all apps are behaving in a safe manner, even after installation.”

California-based Google has also revealed statistics suggesting that, in the last year, fewer than 0.18% of apps installed on Android devices were thought to have been harmful to smartphones and tablets, or gone rogue following installation. The company describes this figure as “miniscule”, but an issue it wishes to address anyway. As a result, there are expectations that a small number of users will see prompts warning them about certain apps now that they will be constantly monitored.

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