Google Instant Preview means no more blind dates

Google Instant Preview means no more blind dates

Regardless of the ultimate outcome, no-one looks forward to a blind date. The thought of buying sight unseen, to put it bluntly, causes a bit of a flutter in the stomach that has nothing to do with the normal pre-date nerves. The date could be the meeting of your soul mate, but the result imagined is always pretty dire.

Internet users don’t like blind dates either, which is why Google added Instant Preview to its search results. The little magnifying glass not only looks cute, it allows searchers to preview the pages they’re considering visiting. It turns a blind date into a sure thing. What does it do for site owners, though?

From a site owner’s point of view, Google’s Instant Preview puts even more pressure on site design. If a potential blind date could look at a photo of you before agreeing to the arrangement, you’d want to make sure you look your best. The same principle applies with Instant Preview.

Some things to consider:

*Keywords in headings are even more important. Inserting keywords into titles is one of those basic SEO, and sales, jobs. It’s always been a good idea to leave them out every so often, so as to create some variety between pages. Now, however, you need those signifiers to bring internet users in.

*Design for business image. That preview picture will communicate a thousand words about your business. SEO design principles such as use of white space and matching design to industry standards are more important than ever.

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