Google Instant Preview launches

Google Instant Preview launches

Here at StuckOn we like to keep a keen eye on everything Google does, especially when it affects SEO for our clients. The latest development from Google comes in the form of Google Instant Preview, which has just launched.

Google Instant Preview places a small magnifying glass icon next to each listing within its SERPs, and by hovering over the magnifying glass (once clicked and selected) you can see an instant preview of the webpage in question.

Google Instant Preview for 'SEO Wirral'
Google Instant Preview'

While this won’t immediately affect how your website ranks within Google’s organic listings, it will of course have an impact on your click through rate. If your website’s design is poor, potential visitors can be put off before they even visit your site. Equally, an eye-catching design can help your website to achieve more traffic from Google as users are able to compare the websites of search results in an instant, a Google Instant.

It’s worth having a look at Google Instant Preview now to see what your competition looks like for your main keywords. Whereas before your URL, your Title tag and the description that appears below it was all that mattered in terms of increasing click through rates from Google’s SERPs, now your actual design becomes a factor too.

Grab your magnifying glass Watson, the Google game’s afoot!

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