Google Glass to switch target markets

Google Glass to switch target markets

It has recently been announced that search giant Google plans to relaunch its Google Glass product, but to an entirely different market.

The company revealed at the start of 2016 that it intended to cease the production of the eyewear technology to the general public, and has since began to close social media accounts dedicated to the product.

There were accounts on social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google’s own Google+, but these profiles have now been removed. Only the product’s Google+ page even acknowledged that its social media campaign was coming to an end, leaving a message for followers of the account thanking users for supporting the product and providing a link to the company’s help and support page for the product.

Google Glass was launched back in 2013 and received a mixed bag of reviews from experts and the general public. There were issues with the price of the product, which stood at around £1,000 each, as well as security concerns with people seemingly having the ability to easily record someone without consent. Safety issues were also accredited to the product in terms that it could prove to be a distraction whilst on the move.

The product was created to be one of the first major wearable tech products on the market, but sluggish sales meant that a mass rollout was unlikely to happen, and its disappearance from the public eye is therefore hardly surprising.

However, this is not the end for Google Glass; the company has suggested that it intends to rework the product and relaunch it to a different target market – a more workplace and business-oriented one. The product is set to have a longer battery life as well as a slimmer, more chic design that is even waterproof. It is unknown which industries will be targeted by the search giant, but prototypes are in the pipeline.

Social media can play an integral role in the way businesses communicate with clients and the public. Google dedicated social media accounts to its Google Glass branch of the company, which provided users with the latest news, tips, advice and even support to consumers who needed it. Although this has now come to an end for this branch of the Californian tech enterprise, many other businesses across the world continue to use this tool as a form of communication.

Having a social media account for your business can prove to be an asset should it be conducted in the correct manner. Digital agencies like ourselves at Engage Web are devoted to helping businesses achieve their social media goal by executing carefully planned strategies.

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