Google funded exhibitions explore history of computing at London Science Museum

Google funded exhibitions explore history of computing at London Science Museum

Two exhibitions which have been supported by Google will be opened to the public during the coming three years. The exhibitions are being funded by Google, and the search giant hopes that youngsters will be inspired by the history of computer technology.

The partnership with London’s Science Museum is part of an initiative which Google announced earlier in the year in an attempt to encourage the scientists of the future. Google has invested $12 million into six museums in the United States and one in the UK. According to Michael Jones from Google Earth, the company is aware that funding isn’t enough to inspire children, which is why Google is collaborating with museums to educate both adults and children.

June 2012 will see the first exhibition celebrating the 100 year anniversary of Alan Turing, renowned mathematician. His most popular creation is the Turing machine, which formed the basis of modern computing.

The second exhibition won’t open until 2014 but will be a permanent feature of the museum. The exhibition will cover the last 200 years of Information and Communications technology, with ‘never seen before objects’. Google has recently given £550,000 to Bletchley Park Trust, which is where Alan Turing used his knowledge of code breaking against the Germans during the Second World War.

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