Google footprint. Your site is round, not tall

Google footprint. Your site is round, not tall

Most people, in their mind’s eye, see their website as a tall, oblong shape. They imagine it getting taller as it becomes more successful. This is, in my humble opinion, completely wrong.

Close your eyes and imagine your site as a small circle. This circle needs to grow in size for it to be seen as a potential authority (open your eyes now by the way!). Growing a site outwardly, making the circle larger in size, is how you should visually see your site expanding into a useful resource for your industry that is respected by Google and human visitors alike.

Whilst this particular blog post is quite strange, making you close your eyes and look into your minds eye, it is a quite effective way to make people understand how a website should be growing so that it eventually becomes exactly what you always wanted it to be when you started out.

Content – keep it coming.

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