Google flight comparison service lands in Europe

Google flight comparison service lands in Europe

Google Flight Search is now available for European travellers to find and book flights to any destination world wide. According to Google travel’s senior product manager Noam Ben Haim, the facility is limited at the current time but is expected to improve in the future.

Travellers in the UK, Italy, France, Spain and the Netherlands can now search for available flights to any airport world wide. The search facility will also display ticket prices in the local currency.

Searches can be conducted in any one of eight languages, consisting of French, Italian, English, Basque, Spanish, Galician, Dutch and Catalan. Haim states that users of Flight Search will be able to check prices of flights and look for the lowest price on a particular date using an icon which indicates the lowest fare. The only potential downside to Google Flight Search is that some of the big names in the flight industry are not included in the facility, although Haim said that this would be rectified in the future. He commented:

“Sometimes we are not able to show results for every single airline and we will make that clear. We are working to expand our relationship with other airlines, and bring Flight Search to more countries and in more languages.”

If Google Flight Search takes off, it could have an impact on local travel companies, who may have to optimise their search engine optimisation strategy. As the main airlines join Flight Search, the SEO campaign of travel companies in cities like Liverpool will need to be watched closely in order to account for the new service.

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