Google dominates international search markets

Google dominates international search markets

A recent comScore report has revealed that Google, the leading search engine in English-speaking countries, has an even stronger hold internationally. While the search engine has not dominated in every country in the world, with at least five countries providing more traffic to other search options, the report revealed that Google has over 90% of the search market cornered in Latin America.

The dominance of Google in the search market is no new thing. The search engine company has held a steady majority percentage of Western search markets for a number of years. Google’s 90.5% share of the Latin American market, however, is significantly larger than the company’s standing in many other countries. The Latin American results include searches through YouTube.

comScore’s results showed that Facebook was the second-most popular form of search for the Latin American region.

While competitor Bing has been making a concerted effort to topple its long-time rival, Google’s international standing has been going from strength to strength. Google recently became the dominant search engine in the Czech Republic, one of the few countries holding out against the search engine.

Google’s international dominance, however, does not necessarily mean a steady standing in US, UK and related English-speaking countries. Although Google has a long history as top search engine for the UK, recent movements by Bing to integrate Facebook results into search results may have an effect on the market. As Bing’s social search has only just been introduced, search engine optimisation commentators will have to wait for the true effects to show.

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