Google confirms focus on natural language and relevance

Google confirms focus on natural language and relevance

Google has recently announced that 50% of irrelevant search results have been removed in the past seven years, as one of several statistics that might give you some helpful tips for improving your website’s content.

Another statistic released by Google was that there has been a 60% increase in natural language queries through the search engine, which means users are searching for terms that are closer to the way people write and speak.

But how does this help you improve your website’s content?

Well, the 60% increase in natural language queries means writing content in natural language (as people speak and write) should help you improve the performance of your website in search results and increasing visitors to your site, as you are answering the query the searcher is looking for.

With Google removing so many irrelevant results for searchers’ queries, this means writing content that searchers are looking for is becoming even more important, or your content may not show in search results – or at least may not get the results you have been looking for.

Why has Google been removing irrelevant results?

There has been some speculation that Google is losing dominance in the search engine market, partly due to data privacy concerns, although statistics continue to show that Google is by far the most used search engine. With this new update Google is more than likely trying to get people to continue to use its services, and fine-tuning its search results to give users a better experience.

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