Google Cloud launches AI-based improvements to ecommerce

Google Cloud launches AI-based improvements to ecommerce

Google has launched improvements to online shopping experiences once again with the recent rollout of product discovery tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) in Google Cloud.

The new launch of Google Cloud’s Product Discovery Solutions for Retail features a collection of different tools that have been built to aid online retailers in improving the experience for their customers by providing them with a ‘highly personalised’ shopping journey.

The Vice President of Retail and Consumer at Google Cloud, Carrie Tharp, said that as more people move to online shopping, greater personalisation to shopping experiences is required for businesses to stand out against their competition. She added that:

“Retailers are in dire need of agile operating models powered by cloud infrastructure and technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to meet today’s industry demands. We’re proud to partner with retailers around the world, and bring forward our Product Discovery offerings to help them succeed.”

The solutions work by using a tool called Recommendations AI. This allows retailers to provide highly personalised recommendations for products across all platforms. The AI can look at the history of a particular customer’s shopping journey and can then use that information to provide them with product recommendations customised to their interests. It also has the ability to adapt to changes in a customer’s behaviour in real time, along with changes to an ecommerce site. This means any price changes will also change in product recommendations, ensuring no customers are left frustrated when clicking on a recommendation and discovering a hike in price on the actual listing.

This new launch means that online retailers can ensure that their customers can find the exact products they’re looking for on their shopping journeys, and is yet another tool businesses can use to enhance their business online. If you would like to set up an online store or would like to learn more about promoting your products on the web, give our team at Engage Web a call.

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