Google Chrome increases market share in UK

Google Chrome increases market share in UK

Three years after the launch of Google Chrome, it is now a favourite with almost a quarter of all Internet users in the United Kingdom. As Google continues in its efforts for online dominance, figures released by Statcounter, a web analytics company, show that it is now second only to Microsoft Internet Explorer, which has the majority of users.

Google Chrome has 22 percent of Internet users, with Internet Explorer reaching 45 percent. Third in the results is Mozilla’s Firefox with Safari from Apple coming in at fourth. Statistics worldwide show Google Chrome as the third most popular browser, with 20 percent of all users. The popularity of Chrome follows the success that Google has experienced with it’s share of the search engine market.

Although most of the computers which are sold in the UK have Internet Explorer already installed, Microsoft’s share of the browser market is dropping. According to Google, the popularity of Chrome could be due to improvements made, including speed, increased security and a national campaign to advertise.

Speaking to The Guardian, Google engineer Lars Bak considers that speed is an essential element of it’s success. He stated that Internet users should “never be happy” with the speed, always look for improvement, which is what Google aims for. As Google continues to increase market share, it is essential to focus your SEO campaign on Google, without deterring other search engines. Search engine optimisation is a crucial element of building a company brand, whether based in Scotland or Liverpool.

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