Google Chrome catches up to Microsoft in the UK

Google Chrome catches up to Microsoft in the UK

Figures reveal that almost 25 percent of Internet users in the United Kingdom browse using Google Chrome. Although the browser was only introduced three years ago, it has now overtaken Firefox to become the second favourite in the UK. Figures also show that Google Chrome is rapidly catching up to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, despite the fact that every new computer has Microsoft IE preinstalled in the UK.

With 22 percent of the market share, Google Chrome is not far behind Microsoft IE which has 45 percent of the market. Apple’s safari browser has just nine percent of the market share, which places them in fourth place. As the research shows that Google Chrome is becoming increasingly popular, it also reveals that Microsoft IE is rapidly declining in popularity.

According to Google, the strength of its security, speed and an advertising campaign are responsible for the popularity of Chrome. Lars Bak, the engineer who designed Chrome says that the main aim of the browser was to increase speed, in addition to improving security and a minimal design. He said:

“If you as a user try a webpage and it feels really snappy, it’s really hard to return (to a previously used browser). It has shown that people spend more time interacting with the web.”

Google Chrome is expected to rival Microsoft IE within three to four years. The search engine optimisation of a business depends on an effective SEO campaign which incorporates the rapid developments within Google.

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