Google chairman willing to partner with Facebook and Twitter

Google chairman willing to partner with Facebook and Twitter

The executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt has admitted that Google would be happy to partner with social networking rivals Twitter and Facebook on Google+. Schmidt addressed the media at a conference in Idaho, stating that Google would happily share the social networking audience with Facebook and Twitter as there are more than enough opportunities for them all.

According to Schmidt, the interest and initial support for Google+ is very good, although giving an accurate forecast of the success of the new social media site is not possible at this early stage. The demand for Google+ is continuing, with people eager to join. However, according to the Reuter’s report, Schmidt followed up his statement, which indicated possibilities of linking with Facebook and Twitter, with an admission that Facebook users wouldn’t be allowed to transpose their ‘friends’ over to Google+ and the search deal with Twitter wouldn’t be renewed.

Also mentioned in his speech was China and its relations with Google. As soon as Google+ was launched, China blocked the new social networking platform. Schmidt said:

“We tell the Chinese what we know…and then they publicly deny their role. That’s all I have to say about that.”

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