Google Chairman admits he failed to take Facebook seriously

Google Chairman admits he failed to take Facebook seriously

The executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt has admitted that he should have taken Facebook seriously four years ago, and challenged the social networking site when it had  20 million users. Mr Schmidt was speaking at a conference in California when he admitted that both he and other executives at Google should have taken Facebook more seriously at that time.

Facebook has proved to be a serious challenge to Google’s advertising revenue, with over 500 million users today, and a lucrative online advertising platform. Google did previously try to negotiate a partnership with Facebook, only to be turned down in favour of Microsoft, who have a 1.6 percent share in the company. Google is looking at ways to develop its social media involvement, and considers that an alternative to Facebook may be beneficial to all. Google also faces another problem from Facebook, as the search engine company can’t index much of the information on the social networking website. This prevents Google learning about the preferences of users, which aides its advertisers.

Google has recently introduced ‘Google Offers’ which provides discounts for local businesses when using their networking service. However, this is only available in a couple of states in the United States so far. As Google considers its development into social media, this will prove beneficial to people working in search engine optimisation, giving increased opportunities.

Social media now plays a large role in any SEO campaign, with search engine optimisation being the key to the development of a business online.

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