Google announces takeover of Picnik

Google announces takeover of Picnik

You can never accuse Google of not splashing its cash around when it needs to invest in new technology, especially after the $1.65 billion it spent on YouTube a few years ago. Now Google is at it again, but for probably a lot smaller investment. This time the search giant is buying the photo editing website Picnik, which represents the third purchase by Google in as many weeks.

Perhaps Google is buying up the Internet one website at a time?

Picnik has only been running for five years, and was started in Seattle in the USA. Picnik’s team of developers will get to work on the Google Picasa system, making it every bit as good as Picnik itself has become known for.

Previous acquisitions from Google include a search engine called Aardvark (no, we can’t fathom why Google would need to buy a search engine either) and an email service for mobile phones named reMail (this one makes more sense).

Eric Schmidt, the big cheese at Google, announced last October that Google would pick up its trend of purchasing a small Internet company every month, while making the larger acquisitions (such as the YouTube deal) ever couple of years.

Becoming one of those small websites bought by Google must be like winning the lottery!

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