Google announces partnership with GoDaddy

Google announces partnership with GoDaddy

Last week, search giant Google announced it was partnering with GoDaddy to aid merchants in getting their products seen by more people.

The news was broken on the search engine’s blog*, and Google revealed that with the partnership, merchants who use GoDaddy will be able to upload all of their products to Google, create ad campaigns and free listings, and review metrics for performance, all from within the Online Store on the GoDaddy platform.

In doing so, merchants will be able to get their products seen by potential customers across Google channels, including Google Shopping, YouTube and Search.

In a statement on its blog, Google said:

“By teaming up with platforms like GoDaddy, we are able to help even more businesses make more connections with shoppers who are eager to discover new brands.”

GoDaddy’s Vice President of Commerce Products, Greg Goldfarb, also released a statement, saying:

“Expanding our work with Google simplifies creating an ecommerce presence across Google surfaces and jumpstarts sales momentum by leveraging their best in class automated advertising solutions.”

From the information provided by both Google and GoDaddy, it appears that there are no limitations on which merchants can take advantage of the new partnership and benefit from getting their products seen across Google platforms.

For those considering taking advantage of this partnership and who are contemplating building a site using GoDaddy, there is one caveat they should be aware of – websites can’t be transferred to different hosting provider at a later date. However, if a GoDaddy site is created using WordPress, the files can be downloaded and installed using a different hosting provider.

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