Google announces beta testing of ‘Search Console Insights’

Google announces beta testing of ‘Search Console Insights’

Yesterday, search giant Google announced a new feature via Twitter, which is being tested by beta users: Search Console Insights.

Google claims that this new feature will provide content creators with an easier way of understanding how the content they publish resonates with their users. In its official announcement, it said:

“Today we’re starting to roll out a new experience to beta testers: Search Console Insights. It’s a way to provide content creators with the data they need to make informed decisions and improve their content.”

The new feature will be powered by a combination of data taken from Google Analytics and Search Console. By blending the data into one dashboard, content creators will have easy access to their content performance, allowing them to analyse trends quickly and efficiently in order to publish the most effective and engaging content for their specific audience.

According to Google, Search Console Insights is able to answer questions about a site’s content, providing information on what pieces perform the best, how new content is performing, how people find a site’s content, the trending and top queries of a site on Google Search and what other articles and websites link to the site.

Currently, this new feature is a closed beta test, available only to users who Google has sent an invite to regarding a specific site. Those users who have been invited to test Search Console Insights can do so by clicking the link in their invite email, do a Google Search for “search console insights”, or use the “Search Console in Search results” feature. This involves searching for a specific query that a site ranks for, which will then provide a result entitled “Search performance for this query” that will enable access the feature.

Google said it hopes to add sites to the beta test in the future and it wants to open the feature up to more users over time, so site owners who may be interested should keep an eye out for any updates from the search engine about getting involved. The full information provided by Google about this feature can be found here.

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