Google announces Android ‘extending beyond mobile’

Google announces Android ‘extending beyond mobile’

Google’s recent Google I/O conference, the annual event for web developers, has been providing plenty of SEO news fodder after its opening on 10th May. One of the many interesting announcements made by the search engine company was from the Android team, which noted that Google has plans for Android that go beyond mobile technologies.

Android, which launched just over two and a half years ago, is gaining some ground over major competitor Apple in some regions. Google’s team noted that its mobile platform now has over 100 million activated Android devices, with a calculated 400,000 new devices activated each day. More impressive than the hardware statistics, though, are the numbers on Google’s Android Market, which has seen 4.5 billion applications downloaded since opening.

With Android Market stepping up to the movie rental plate, offering movie rental downloads for tablets and phones, Google is clearly aiming for more than the mobile browsing market. The search engine’s developers have also released Android Open Accessory, designed to make it easier for developers to build Android-based hardware.

These moves make it clear that the search engine company is not likely to let its powerful position on the existing net diminish with new technological developments. While many businesses are still coping with the shift to mobile technologies and mobile SEO, the war between Apple and Google, and also between Google and Microsoft, has been raging for some time. Not only will the outcome matter to online business, but businesses are well advised to watch the shifts in position as they take place.

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