Google and its constantly updating magical algorithm

Posted on April 15, 2009


If you frequent different SEO forums and read some SEO blogs you’ll have heard of Google’s algorithm. It’s the magical method that Google uses to decide which website ranks where, and for how long, for what search. It’s what every SEO tries to understand, hopes to second guess and one day unravel the secrets of.

Of course, this will never truly happen because once you think you’ve grasped it; Google moves the goal posts and changes the algorithm. Now, the question is how often does Google do this?

Some think it’s every few years, some think its every year, some think it’s every few months along with the PR updates. However it’s much, much more frequently than that. Google’s algorithm, like the calculations from some super computer, is updated constantly, daily, hourly. It’s ever changing to ensure the purest, most efficient results for anyone using their search.

So how can you second guess it? How can you know how to SEO for Google when the algorithm changes faster than anyone can even see?

Simple, understand why Google does this. Once you understand the concept of search, why Google is successful over search engines such as MSN and Lycos, you’ll understand the concept of SEO.

Chase the shadows of Google’s algorithm, or walk the path to a successful online future?

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