Google and Facebook dominate the UK web

Google and Facebook dominate the UK web

Web analytics show that Google and Facebook have surged ahead of their opponents in the race for web domination in the United Kingdom. According to recent research carried out by Experian Hitwise, the number of searches carried out on Google has soared to 92 percent, 1.49 percent more than May 2011. As the number of users on Google have increased, the numbers for Microsoft and Yahoo fell slightly.

The number of searches performed using Microsoft decreased by 1.38 percent, taking the number down to 2.88 percent. Yahoo was slightly more popular with 2.96 percent of searches being carried out, which is a 0.11 percent decrease on the figures for June 2011. The research director of Experian Hitwise, Robin Goad said:

“Google has certainly been dominant in search for the last ten years but even by Google’s high standards, to capture 92 percent of the UK search market is quite an achievement.”

Facebook is also proving to be a market leader, claiming 53.72 percent of the visits made to a social media site. This follows a slight decline in visits over a period of three months, but Facebook users have climbed 0.11 percent. You Tube has the fastest growth of the social networking sites with 20.76 percent of all visits to social networking sites. Twitter came in at third place with 3.22 percent.

As the percentages show, Google and Facebook are essential components of any SEO campaign. Staying ahead of the competition is crucial, making search engine optimisation necessary for your business.

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