Google and Bing maps set to include indoor locations

Posted on July 10, 2012


As the popularity of internet maps increases, Google and Bing have launched the mapping of internal locations in the UK. Google have focused mainly on London destinations but plan to expand throughout the UK in the near future. Bing has mapped most of the main shopping centres located in the UK, so that shoppers don’t have to ask for directions to a store.

The Google service is available to users of Android smartphones, letting them navigate the inside of Kings Cross rail station or one of the London stores. Razia Ahamed, spokesperson for Google said:

“Given the current British weather, we seem to be spending a lot more of the summer than we’d hoped indoors. The thing about being indoors is that people often get lost – I’m not talking about in your own home, of course, but when you’re out and about, in train stations, museums, department stores and shopping centres.”

There are more than 40 locations in the UK which have worked alongside Google to have their interior mapped on Google. Just by opening Google Maps using an Android smartphone, people will be able to pinpoint their location, before requesting directions to a different location. Other businesses may upload their maps to become a part of Google Maps.

The latest development could make some SEO jobs more complex, although as Google includes more cities in the UK, like Liverpool, it seems likely that more businesses will upload their maps as part of their search engine optimisation campaign.

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