Google Alerts tip off Katy Perry to Russell Brand’s proposal

Google Alerts tip off Katy Perry to Russell Brand’s proposal

Serial womaniser Russell Brand is about to tie the knot with singer Katy Perry, but his shock proposal wasn’t so much of a shock for the blushing bride to be. Perry admitted that she knew Russell was going to propose because she’d read about him buying engagement rings on the Internet.

How did she find this information? Rather that spend hours trawling through websites and search engine results pages (SERPs) looking for what her promiscuous boyfriend was up to, she’d simply set up Google Alerts on her own name. This meant that she received regular updates from Google, via email, for whenever her name was mentioned in Google News, or in the natural search results.

She liked to keep track of what was being said about her, which is good advice for anyone in the public eye or running their own company. You can set up Google Alerts on your name, or your company name, so that you’re informed of any news story or website that mentions you… and Google doesn’t miss much!

Katy Perry stated:

Unfortunately, I still Google myself sometimes. I saw it on Google alerts – I’m going to be honest.

Russell proposed in a very romantic way, on the back of an elephant in India… ah, the classic tried and tested method.

In fact, if Katy still has Google Alerts set up on her name, congratulations on your engagement from all at StuckOn!

While Katy’s insistence on using Google Alerts may have ruined a potential surprise in this instance, it is recommended that Google Alerts are used to make sure you’re away of what is being said about you. Google Alerts can be used to find news stories and information for content writing for your website, and they can be used in reputation management.

Are you using Google Alerts to monitor what is being said about your business?

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