Google aims for conversational voice search

Posted on April 21, 2013


According to Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, the search company will be working towards improved voice recognition on all types of devices in the future. Speaking at the AllThingsD mobile conference that was held in New York, Schmidt stated that Google would expand the voice apps market by working with partners and creating more devices like Google Glass. He said that the company would have many types of device.

Although Google is recognised for dealing with difficult problems and facing challenges, like the self driving car, the company is still working on improving search. Google has the largest search engine share among users, meaning that it optimising any content for it is a cornerstone of internet marketing. With constant updates being made to services like Knowledge Graph, it’s obvious that Google is still intent on further development. The analyst for Topeka Capital Markets, Victor Anthony, believes that the next long term plan for Google’s growth will be voice search.

According to Anthony, Google has the advantage over competitors for voice search, with the last ten years spent refining the service. The popularity of Google’s Android platform will also help Google. Schmidt predicted that use of Android phones will increase from the current 750 million to almost two billion phones by 2015. Schmidt added that the goal of Google is to reach everyone.

As more mobile devices are on the horizon, such as wristbands, watches and glasses, it is thought that people will need to interact with their device on a regular basis to obtain everyday information, such as travel updates and recommendations on where a user should dine that evening.


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