Google AdWords gets new look

Posted on June 30, 2012


Largely inspired by feedback received from SEO professionals and commentators in the world of search, Google has changed significant aspects of the look and feel of its AdWords tool.

The design changes, which have started to come online in the last week, offer a far more simplified approach. The AdWords interface has newer, larger buttons, menus and tabs, and a more usable and user-intuitive navigation in general. It all helps relevant data stand out more.

The back end makes things a good deal clearer too.

The first thing that hits you are the graphics, which have been given a far more pleasing overhaul. Things remain easy and straight forward to find though; more than helpful when you’re rushing through client research that is being demanded yesterday.

In all areas, there have been little tweaks and touches. Essentially though, it has just given the standard Google makeover to the tool.

The firm, understandably enough, is slowly but surely updating the look and feel of all of its products – new and old. The plan is to make them look and feel the same, for familiarity purposes.

In AdWords, this can be seen quite clearly with the header space being tightened up to deliver more data, and the left side navigation menu having clearer blue links in place.

There will no doubt be some naysayers about the constant homogenisation of the platforms, but most marketing professionals will welcome it.

In typical style, Google has also released a video to take everyone through the changes, which could well be worth a look if initially confused.

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