Google Ads improves its keyword recommendations

    Posted on September 30, 2019


    Google has recently updated optimisation scores in Google Ads through improving the quality and relevancy of its keyword recommendations.

    Moving forwards, Google Ads will only be suggesting recommended keywords if the company estimates that they are likely to drive additional traffic to a site beyond what the existing keywords would. Furthermore, its keyword recommendations will now include broad match modifiers.

    Google made this announcement through a blog post on Google Ads last week and believes that by following its recommendations, a business will be able to improve its optimisation score. In the blog post, it highlights that advertisers who improved their score saw an increase in the average number of conversions.

    As well as improving its keyword recommendations, it will also be updating the interface within Google Ads. This will be done through a new table view format that will display recommendations as well as their expected impact on the account. Users will be able to switch between the table view and the original card view.

    The new table format will offer a number of improvements compared to the original card view, and this includes being able to view and sort recommendations by metric, such as the biggest optimisation opportunity. Users will also be able to see how their optimisation score will change, should a particular recommendation be adopted and they will also be able to view a breakdown of each campaign’s score and individual recommendations. All data in the table view will also be able to be exported into Microsoft Excel.

    The way in which users can apply recommendations will also be updated. They will now able to apply recommendations in bulk, and this will be across different and multiple accounts and campaigns.

    These features are now available for use and can be accessed through the Recommendations page of Google Ads.

    Alan Littler

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