Google adds two technology firms to portfolio

Google adds two technology firms to portfolio

The recent acquisition spree that search company Google seem to be on has continued, with the firm announcing two more purchases in the form of Dropcam (a connected camera enterprise) and Alpental (a company focusing on 5G connection systems).

The firm bought Dropcam for a sum estimated to be around $555m (£327m), with the acquisition being officially made by Google Nest, a branch of the global internet phenomenon that primarily manufactures products to go into a smart home portfolio, such as ‘intelligent’ thermostats and a carbon monoxide detector.

Dropcam, which was originally set up in 2009, is a company that develops and offers cameras with multiple capabilities and functions, including both night vision and motion detection. This technology is also said to send encrypted videos to cloud storage facilities via Wi-Fi connections. As part of the deal, the firm will receive a sum around £28m in venture funding.

Meanwhile, the Californian company’s purchase of Alpental, the expertise of which lies in connection systems, was also announced for an undisclosed fee. The enterprise uses radio communications in order to develop high-speed connections that could be ultimately used in future 5G mobile data structures and wireless Wi-Fi broadband systems.

This particular move is believed to be part of the search firm’s ambitious internet marketing strategy to provide web connections to remote areas of the globe. According to news suppliers, this is Google’s 19th acquisition of 2014, and its estimated total spend has exceeded £5.5bn (£3.2bn).

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