Gmail ups security with encrypted emails

Gmail ups security with encrypted emails

Google has announced that its online mailing system, Gmail, will become more secure than ever before following the introduction of new encryption software.

It has been revealed that all emails sent through the Gmail service will be encrypted using HTTPS as messages move between users and the service’s servers, including when they move between internal data centres.

These changes have been made following the Californian firm’s statement that internal security has become a priority since certain revelations last summer. This is believed to be a hint towards Gmail’s privacy affairs from August 2013, where the company was involved in legal proceedings over allegations that employees read emails sent to Gmail users from other accounts.

Google, whose search engine keeps SEO firms on the ball, admits to using the HTTPS encryption software since its mailing service was first introduced, but now confirms that it will be using this encryption method with 100% of messages.

Nicolas Lidzborski, Security Engineering Lead for the Gmail service, has said that Google strives to improve the security and reliability of the services it provides for all of its users, highlighting in a post on the firm’s blog that:

“[…] your email is important to you, and making sure it stays safe and always available is important to us.”

The service also took this opportunity to announce figures showing that Gmail accounts were available to its users for 99.978% of the time during 2013, which is the equivalent of two hours downtime for each user.

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