‘Ghost’ blogging platform finally released

‘Ghost’ blogging platform finally released

Those who have been following the hype and anticipation surrounding the new ‘Ghost’ blogging tool will be pleased to know that it is finally available for use.

The dream of Austrian WordPress specialist John O’Nolan, it aims to provide users with a platform which is focused on blogging and nothing else.

After years of working with WordPress and seeing it grow into a more universal CMS, John realised that it was no longer useful for its original purpose, so he came up with the idea of Ghost, which has a clean and easy-to-read interface and intuitive elements.

Designed to be completely adaptable, Ghost could almost be described as ‘device-blind’, in that it presents the user’s writing in a simple format which can be navigated easily regardless of hardware. What’s more, the content is not grouped into dates – it is, instead, structured around the content of the blog itself.

With API interaction becoming more prevalent, especially with sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook allowing users to collate content and information without having to visit their pages directly, this method of blogging will be pioneering in how it will enable writers to ensure their text is readable and packaged in a way that the major search engines will love.

For anyone who is considering starting a new blog, or even those who just want to change their CMS to something more blog-focused, Ghost can be found here. While there isn’t a hosted version available just yet, the site ensures us that it’s on its way.

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