Getting the Signs Right

Getting the Signs Right

There are many humorous examples of signs that have gone wrong, often because something has been lost in translation. One famous example was the road sign put up by Swansea council. The sign was a “no entry” message for heavy goods vehicles in a residential area, and also bore what the authorities believed to be a Welsh translation of the message. However, the Welsh sign actually read, “I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated.” The council had clearly sent an email to a translator and had believed that the reply to their message was a translation of the sign, when in fact it was an out of office message. Clearly, there was no-one in the council department equipped to check the translation.

In the world of online marketing, your blog serves as a kind of sign to your main website. The idea is that your blog attracts readers, using a mixture of popular keywords and some well written, interesting content, and your readers are then signposted to your site where, all being well, they may end up being new customers of yours. It’s vital, therefore, that your blog acts as a strong sign, arousing interest in your products or services, rather than a jumble of words that appear to have lost their message in translation. By using article writing services, you can ensure that your content is always written by professional writers, meaning that you’ll always be giving out the right signs to potential customers.

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