Generation Y votes Google top employer

Generation Y votes Google top employer

Students of business and engineering have voted Google as top employer for the third consecutive year. Google seems to be the most appealing employer worldwide, according to a report by Universum, which surveyed 160,000 youngsters looking for prospective employment.

Opponents Microsoft and Apple also appear in the top ten most sought after employers, although a fair way behind the search engine giant in the list. Some of the companies which you would expect to see on the list of prospective employers don’t actually feature at all, including Twitter, AOL and Facebook.

Possible reasons for Google’s popularity among students seeking employment opportunities include the fact that the younger generation have grown up with Google technology all around them from a very early age. Google’s constant innovative approach to technology which is part of a students life, like email and search facility, proves to be attractive to job seekers. Of course, the workplace remuneration and relaxed working atmosphere all help.

In previous generations, people have looked for a steady and reliable income, with a decent pension and healthcare. However, today’s generation, generation Y seek out more materialistic rewards and the workplace. Google has set an example for other employers, with a changing working environment to suit its latest workforce while increasing productivity.

Google excels in its industry, which is why the company features strongly in any search engine optimisation campaign. As the results of the poll reveal, Google is innovative and constantly changing to reach out to users worldwide.

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