Gaining inspiration from the random

    Posted on January 24, 2014


    Sometimes, inspiration can come from the most unusual sources. With logic being the enemy of creativity, a website named The Thinkerbot has come up with a novel idea to help inspire.

    It gathers what it likes to call “pure internet randomness”; this can be images, videos or sound. Each one is shown after a 30-second timer expires. The main use for this web app is to inject almost random elements into a brainstorming session to inspire creativity and alternate ideas. It can also generate them on request, so you can have control over the next input to your creative flow of though.

    Creativity and inspiration are unusual things, as they are not tangible resources or something that can necessarily be forced to appear. The random nature of The Thinkerbot allows a more free thinking approach to a problem by allowing the user not to have to force inspiration and just allow the random nature of the application to present them with possible inspiration.

    This is an interesting project because, since the advent of social media, the rates of sharing of content available online have increased exponentially. Sites such as Flickr and Instagram have allowed people to share inspirational images and moments with the rest of the world, allowing others to draw from it and develop their own ideas and inspiration from the image. Coupled with videos and soundbites, The Thinkerbot makes a great complementary element to any creative brainstorming session looking for an injection of randomness.

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