GA4 now supported by Google Search Console Insights

GA4 now supported by Google Search Console Insights

Google’s Search Console Insights is a section available within the platform that enables you to connect it directly with your Google Analytics account so you can see more insights into how your website is performing.

Up until recently, the Google Search Console Insights platform had only allowed you to see insightful data when connected with the old Universal Analytics platform, though you could connect your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property to the platform. None of the GA4 data had been used in the insights – until now!

GA4 is the new version of Google Analytics, and it will be the only version available from July next year, with the old Universal Analytics being phased out. You can read more about the GA4 platform here.

Why is Google Search Console Insights so useful?

The platform is designed specifically for content writers and publishers to enable them to easily see how audiences are discovering content on their website. This provides more meaningful information, including what new content has been discovered in search results, how many people have seen this content and what the average duration of time visitors spend on that specific page of content is. This can then help you to understand what types of content will do well on your site, meaning you can then create even more content in that format or about that specific topic to get better performance in search results.

Essentially, this new connection will allow you to see information in the future from the GA4 platform, so if your website is set up with GA4 already, you will soon be able to see more insights into your content.

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