Is the future of web design pageless


Is the future of web design pageless?

Posted on July 6, 2016


Pageless web design is one of the newer trends, but what is it and what are its advantages?

What are pageless websites?

Traditional websites have a number of pages. The pages are generally accessed via a menu at the top or at the side of a page. Some large organisations have websites that consist of hundreds, or even thousands, of pages. The idea of a pageless website does not immediately make sense.

To be strictly accurate, a pageless web site does not have zero pages. It has one page. All the information that the website contains is on one page, often a very long page.

Why go pageless?

Pageless websites are not just designed because they are unusual; there are reasons for going pageless. For example, some developers who design pageless sites see the site’s role as telling a story that inspires and motivates.


An argument for pageless design is that it is seamless and intuitive. The user does not have to make any decisions about navigating to other pages. All they do is scroll down the page. This also makes the website quicker to use. Scrolling down the page with a scroll wheel mouse is much quicker than moving the cursor over a link, clicking, and then waiting for the next page to load. Tablet and phone users can also scroll at a fast pace.


A one-page website has a single path towards a goal. There are no decisions to make apart from a call to action. Unlike landing pages, which are generally short, a pageless website can have more content. Pageless designs often have higher conversion rates than multi-page websites.

Bounce rates

Bounce rates on pageless sites are generally low. The user does not have to do anything other than scroll down. There is less chance to get lost on the site or confused. Whilst the page may have interactive elements, the main content of the site can be communicated with no interaction.

Social media

Users on a pageless website that have a good experience, through reading a story, will tend to share their experience on social media. Social shares really help the reach of a website.

Multi devices

A one-page site can look great on all devices, laptops, tablets and phones. Pageless websites are responsive, adjusting the layout according to the size of screen that they are being viewed on. In truth, they probably work best on smartphones anyway.


A well designed pageless website can be quick to load. Google takes into account loading speed when ranking websites.


Here are some examples of pageless web design to illustrate how the process works:

These websites have traditional looking menus, but they are used to scroll to the relevant page section.

Some of these examples have interactivity, with links activating pop up sections with supplemental text or large size images rather than going to another page. Interaction is optional for visitors.

Not for everyone

A pageless website is not suitable for every site. Ecommerce sites, like Amazon, that sell hundreds of thousands of items could not possibly include their full catalogue on just one page.

Equally, many businesses that have several departments may need distinct separate areas of a website with content presented over several pages.

Pageless designs need to look great and have enough content to convey the message that the site owner is communicating, but they will be generally quicker to build than a site with a large number of pages.

If you want a way to communicate your business message in a compact, impactful and striking manner, then consider a pageless website.

Technical Director at Engage Web
Darren is Technical Director at Engage Web, as well as being a co-founder of the company. He takes a hands-on approach to SEO and web design, helped by more than 20 years’ experience in these fields.
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