Full TV shows now available on YouTube

Full TV shows now available on YouTube

As if people didn’t spend enough of their daily lives navigating around YouTube, watching videos of skateboarding dogs or kids laughing, now YouTube has full length TV shows as well.

We don’t mean those awful US shows either; this news is about British TV shows written and shot in good old Blighty. Shows such as Derren Brown, Peep Show, Gordon Ramsay’s F Word and yes, sadly, Hollyoaks are now available to watch on the Google owned video sharing website.

Peep Show C4

Google has entered into a three year agreement with Channel 4 to show full length TV programmes, which went live yesterday. There are currently 4,000 full length shows in the ‘Shows’ section on YouTube, but more shows will be added in 2010, and C4 will get its own branded YouTube section.

If you’re into classic TV and you don’t have Dave, you can also watch some of the old episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway and enjoy Clive Anderson saying goodnight all over again.

This deal marks the first of its kind where a UK broadcaster has made its programmes available on YouTube. However, just like the C4 website (and BBC iPlayer) C4’s catch-up content is only going to be available to watch on YouTube for 30 days.

This deal marks yet another attempt by Google to turn a profit with YouTube, which it paid $1.65 billion for back in 2006.

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