Friendz meanz Heinz

Friendz meanz Heinz

Heinz, maker of condiments, canned soups and the gold old baked bean, is releasing a brand new flavour of ketchup which is only available through their Facebook page.

The globally famous food manufacturer is taking their social media marketing and search engine optimisation to the next level by restricting the availability of the 3,000 available bottles of balsamic flavoured sauce to fans of the company’s Facebook page.

Like virtually everything market on the social networking site, anyone wanting the chance to slop this new ketchup on their chips will need to ‘like’ Heinz’s page first.

Marketing your business on sites such as Facebook and Twitter has fast become a crucial weapon in the armoury of those in SEO careers everywhere. As well as being a promotional element of any ad campaign, social networks can be used to reward loyal customers and encourage feedback from them. If handled correctly, any negative feedback or complaints from customers can be turned around into something that reflects well on a company’s reputation. Regular activity on a site such as Twitter can also drive a website further up the rankings of search engines such as Google.

After this initial promotion, Heinz will distribute a million bottles to shops and supermarkets around the country, ensuring that those not fortunate enough to bag a bottle of the new ketchup will still get a chance to sample it.

Head of marketing for Heinz, Ian McCarthy, said:

“Social media is increasingly at the forefront of this consumer consumption evolution which is why we’ve decided to use our popular UK Facebook page to ensure our most loyal fans get the chance to try Heinz Tomato Ketchup with Balsamic Vinegar before anyone else. We are anticipating demand will be high and the product will sell out in days.”

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