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For any franchise network, consistency is the key in all areas – after all, that’s why franchising is so popular. Yet, when you take that same consistency online, Google likes uniqueness, so how do you keep your consistent brand and tone, but make sure your online marketing looks unique to Google?

Internet marketing should be included as part of a cross-platform approach. Customers generally don’t like being ‘sold to’ but combining a number of different marketing methods can effectively attract, engage and convert users into customers and advocates for your brand.

Whether your franchise is at pilot stage, entering a new territory or seeking new franchisees, or looking to increase online enquiries and get more business for your franchisees, we have the experience that matters. Whether your franchise type is single operator, retail, management or a combination, we can help.

  • Helping Franchises grow is where we Excel
  • Over 90% of searches made in the UK are made on Google
  • To succeed in business, you need to succeed on Google

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The Problem

Google doesn’t rank websites with:

- the best prices
- the best service
- the longest standing

It ranks the websites with the best content

How do you:

- use content to grow your business
- drive repeat visitors
- find time to create content
- source news and updates
- make the best use of fresh content

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The Solution is FranchiseXcel: Flexible to suit your franchise model

Can include:

- Online marketing
- Social media
- Infographics
- Video
- Content Development
- Link Attraction
- Conversion Optimisation
- Analytics

The Benefits:

Increase local, national or international brand awareness
Direct sales & enquiries – both immediate and long term
Attract new franchisees

Build more profitable existing franchisees

Why Us?

- Over 50% of our business is in the Franchise sector
- Over 150 active writers in English speaking countries
- 5 Years Working With Franchises
- Franchises in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia
- First national franchise client increased online enquiries by over 1,000% in first year
- At Engage Web, we’re set up to expand our marketing as your business grows


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