Foursquare to help Twitter with location tags

Posted on March 24, 2015


Microblogging site Twitter announced yesterday that it has entered into a new partnership with local search app Foursquare.

The deal will mean that users will now be able to tag very specific places into their tweets, rather than just a rough estimate of their location.

In the past, Twitter was able to work out a tweeter’s position by detecting their general coordinates via the sensors of their smartphone or tablets. This was then used to assign a vague location based on the data it had for that area.

However, users will now be able to select their exact location from a list based on where they are being detected, which will even include individual stores and businesses. This means that such enterprises may benefit from increased exposure on social media, which will help with their internet marketing efforts.

The new geolocation service that Foursquare will provide for Twitter should also help with the social platform’s monetisation, especially as it can assist firms with advertising at the local level.

Twitter users can also click on the locations to bring up a news feed containing tweets tagged in the same area, which should help to enhance their experience of the site. Those new to the platform could also find this useful, as it will mean that they can tailor their results to bring up profiles that are more relevant to where they live.

It is expected that the geolocation tags will be rolled out to all users in the near future.

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