Four reasons why news feeds can be better than email lists

Posted on October 8, 2012


Adding a news feed to a website can have advantages over the traditional email list. Here are some of the main reasons why websites are offering feeds alongside email lists as a way of keeping in touch with readers.

1. People can sign up to a news feed anonymously. Many people are reluctant to give out a personal email address, perhaps fearing that they’ll be bombarded with emails or will start receiving emails from third parties. Many prefer to use a feed, which is easy to sign up to and to leave

2. Subscribers won’t be lost due to changes in email address. Email lists can be a lot of hard work to run, due to people changing email address. Emails will often bounce back as undelivered, and it can be hard to know whether the ones that get through are actually being read, as they may be falling foul of spam filters or may be going to email boxes that no-one reads anymore

3. A feed reader will automatically find and sort new items in a feed, highlighting them to the reader. This means that interesting items are easier to find and don’t depend on your readers wading through a load of emails to spot messages from you

4. Feeds don’t contain the security risks of emails. People often worry that viruses or phishing emails will get through if they give email addresses to a third party. News feeds remove the risk of this happening


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