Four content errors that will lose you traffic

    Posted on July 31, 2012


    Well-written web content is one of the most important aspects of a commercial website. Here are some of the most common errors people make with their content.

    1. Not writing for an online audience. Successful web content has to be inviting to read. It has to be easy to read, with a clear layout. Too many websites look cluttered or feature long, dense blocks of unbroken text which will lose readers almost immediately. Many businesses use content writers to get the look and style right for online readers

    2. Not updating information. If a commercial website has a blog, this needs to be written to a regular schedule. Attention must also be paid to any time-sensitive content, such as dates for special offers or prices. Websites with out-of-date information tend to give out strong signals that they’ve been abandoned

    3. Not editing or proofreading content. Minor content errors can cause major headaches for business websites. Inaccurate information can undermine the image a company is aiming to project, and can prove costly – for example, incorrect delivery or pricing information can lead to cancelled orders and returns

    4. Not paying attention to website structure. The most brilliantly written content can still fail if readers can’t find it. Websites that are hard to navigate, or have no search function, are likely to lose readers who want to find specific information quickly. Complex layouts tend to put people off, as do websites that force the reader to click through several menu pages each time they search for something

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