Founder of Facebook most followed on Google+

Founder of Facebook most followed on Google+

Mark Zuckerberg has the most followers on Google+ according to data company, Social Statistics. The founder of Facebook has soared ahead of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the co-founders of Google. With 184,000 people following him, Zuckerberg has twice as many followers as Page. However, unlike Page who posts several times a day, Zuckerberg has never posted.

It’s been two weeks since the launch of Google+ and the number of members has risen to between five and ten million. Social Statistics is tracking the developments on Google+ and out of 27,000 profiles, males make up 87 percent. Popularity of the new social media site has developed much more quickly than expected by Google, which led to a few problems. As demand reached its highest point, the system ran out of space on the disk, which meant that details of users returning registration forms and follow up emails were not recorded. However, the problems were quickly resolved despite the unexpected volumes of users.

A number of educators prefer Google+ to other social media sites including Facebook and Twitter, saying that Google+ has advantages for them. One assistant professor of journalism, Jeremy Littau from Lehigh university considers Google+ Hangout to be advantageous. Using the conference video chat enables him to host chats several times a week. Google+ ‘circles’ also lets users limit groups, with conversations being saved. According to Littau, education will be changed by Google+.

The increase in popularity of new social media sites can make some SEO jobs much more complex, requiring constant improvement of SEO techniques.

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