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    Flintshire businesses may not have the access to major UK cities that other counties have, but they can create as much of a storm as any major UK corporation with the right internet approach. With major manufacturers such as Toyota located in Flintshire, business in the county can often seem to concentrate on industry. For other types of local business, it’s important to have a strong internet marketing campaign on board, particularly one that focusses on search engine optimisation.

    The right approach to SEO

    For many people, SEO is all about Google. It’s about reaching the top of the search engine results for relevant keywords. In some ways, that’s exactly what search engine optimisation is – but it should be much more. A good optimisation campaign should stem from the business goals, keeping them firmly in sight throughout the campaign, rather than focussing on keywords.

    The right approach, then, is an individual one. A business’ goals might include appearing top for every keyword in its industry, or its aims might take a more subtle approach. The difference will depend as much on a company’s market and web design as it does on its budget, and for businesses in Flintshire a mix of search engine optimization techniques targeting local traffic will be just as important as a nationally-focussed approach.

    Looking beyond local coverage

    There’s no doubt that local traffic is a desirable thing for businesses in Flintshire, but it’s wise to consider what nationally-focussed internet marketing approaches can do for a business. Sitting on the very tip of Wales, Flintshire is a county with strong Welsh connections but greater UK advantages overall. With Cheshire on its eastern border and the city of Manchester not too far away, Flintshire provides Welsh businesses with a large number of opportunities for national reach. Internet strategies such as SEO and PPC are ideal for expanding a business’s reach beyond local boundaries.

    Business goals are the ideal place to start

    Business goals will naturally differ from company to company and even from division to division. One small, local company may aim to increase its share of regional business, while another might be trying to boost its online orders nationally. The strength of all good internet marketing campaigns is that they are individually tailored to suit the specific business they serve.

    Internet marketing can achieve a broad range of goals. These can range from the highly specific, such as X number of orders within 28 days, to the more general, such as increasing business presence within social media. For each, specific techniques should be picked out to produce the right results, and business owners can discuss this with us at Engage Web.

    Long term and short term

    Another thing for businesses to consider is what they want to achieve in the short term, and what they’re aiming for over the long term. Long term and short term strategies for internet marketing are vastly different, but both can be easily worked into an individual campaign for a company. By reviewing goals, business owners are a step closer to realising what internet marketing can achieve for their company.

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