Flickr receives updates in a bid to compete with rivals

    Posted on April 22, 2014


    Photo-sharing service Flickr has been given a complete makeover for apps on iOS and Android in an attempt to overtake its competitors.

    The Yahoo-owned company has redesigned its service for both app platforms, enhancing it with a news feed in a style that almost copies its competitors – including its main rival, Instagram.

    The app will see photos appearing in a scrollable news feed with images cropped into squared dimensions, with users able to select and expand them into their full size. The design will also permit users to view the metadata of each image, which will contain information such as the GPS location and the camera used to take the photograph, as well as data like exposure and focal length.

    It has also been confirmed that the redesign does not stop there. A new feature will be installed that will allow users to capture and directly upload 30-second HD videos to the service, with the option of using filter functions in the process.

    Users will be able to like, share and comment upon images, as well as tag their photographs, enabling the search function to be used more easily. Profile pages will also be similar to those of Flickr’s rivals, with the service adopting styles similar to Instagram and Google+.

    It has also been revealed that Android users will have to log into their Flickr accounts directly before using the app, whereas, in the past, they have been able to sign in via Facebook and Google accounts.

    Alan Littler

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