Five more simple SEO tips for 2020

Five more simple SEO tips for 2020

Last week, I gave five straightforward tips to improve search engine optimisation (SEO) in 2020. This week, I have five more pieces of advice to share.

1. Use a plugin to aid the tailoring of SEO per page, per blog post and across the site. Yoast, the most popular tool to manage SEO, has default parameters and code snippets that fill out page titles and metadata. Often, these are overlooked in some of the most critical pages of your website. The most obvious example is where category pages are used, collecting similar products or posts in one place. Simply going into such pages and renaming fields like meta title, meta description and keywords can greatly improve search performance for your site.

2. Set up a favicon. A site without a favicon can slip under the radar. It takes minutes to set up and aids your site in how it displays in the browser, and can help build an online identity.

3. Link your website up with social media. Do you know which social media sites your target market uses? Well, you should have a social media account there too. Putting these on your site helps customers learn more about your business and connect with it in their day-to-day use of such apps.

4. Use Google My Business. A GMB addition is free and adds further information to help boost your sites SEO. It helps Google present its users with handy info about your business, like where you are located, the business opening hours and further contact information.

5. Make sure you use an SSL certificate. Since 2014, Google has used HTTPS as a ranking indicator for where websites rank on its search results. Running your website with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) means your website is as secure as it can be, with the encrypted certificate providing security for information transmission. It’s no surprise that as of 2018, there have been more websites with SSL than without. With no SSL on your website, you’ll always be a step behind the competition.

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