Firefox slumps to third in browser rankings

Firefox slumps to third in browser rankings

The latest search engine rankings show that Mozilla’s Firefox browser has dropped to third in the list. It is now behind Google Chrome in popularity, though it is still Microsoft’s Internet Explorer which remains dominant.

IE still enjoys 45% of the market share, and this dominance has seen Bing Search largely hold its own in the search engine wars. For their part though, both Firefox and Chrome use Google search as their default engine, and most users retain these choices.

With Safari also pointing to Google, though IE may still be the winner with regards how people get online, it is the US giant that is truly in charge of internet use.

More essentially, the Californian corporation is in pole position for optimising online advertising revenue. Each user contributes some spend through the year which, when scaled up, surpasses the billions of £s mark.

That many browser users remain loyal to the default search engine of their chosen application, it is little wonder therefore that the market is so competitive.

It also shows that the potential for success on the internet is as open today, as it ever has been.

The most popular browsers are always introducing new innovations and tools, to retain their customers. Much the same can be said of all the search engines; they follow a theme.

However, it will only take one bright idea that the others haven’t thought of to attract new users to a new browser. Correctly positioned, it could easily become a go to choice within a short period of time.

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