Finding the right writing partner

Finding the right writing partner

Autumn sees the return of some of television’s audience pulling Saturday night shows, such as Strictly Come Dancing. The appeal lies in the glitz, the variety and the skill of the dancers. The professional dancers smoothly bring on their amateur partners, providing the audience with weeks of interest and entertainment. The hard work involved in coaching and training an amateur up to near professional dancing standards makes good television and demonstrates the art of the successful partnership.

This skill is also seen in the business world with a consummate professional making the most difficult task look easy. Without the correct guidance an aspiring amateur will not be up to standard. Take for example the world of the business website, a very competitive arena. All the stops are pulled out to attract new customers to the site to buy its products and services. Web designers know how to create exciting and attractive graphics to make the site visually appealing. The content, articles and blogs are written specifically to attract and retain customers. Staff in-house are not experienced in this kind of writing and most companies decide to outsource this work to professional writers.

The most reliable way of doing this is to use an experienced article submission agency that contracts out the work to its own copywriters. Freelance writers can be unreliable as they work for themselves and may abandon a commission if another more lucrative one comes their way; this does not happen with a reputable agency. A long term partnership between agency and client guarantees a supply of interesting, changing copy.

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