Feed the website, does Google know it’s Christmas time?

Feed the website, does Google know it’s Christmas time?

Google ChristmasIt’s Christmas time and there’s no need to be afraid…but is there still a point in updating your website on a Christmas morning?

Nobody should be online reading it, and anyone who is online probably isn’t going to want read about your latest company news, or messages of Christmas cheer for your clients. However, there will be one person reading your content, indexing it and paying particular attention to what you write; that’s Google.

Google doesn’t care that it’s Christmas.

Actually, we should clarify that statement. Google as a company probably does care and no doubt they’ve been very charitable to their staff with shorter Christmas hours and great gifts and bonuses. What we mean is, Google the machine, the series of algorithms, doesn’t care that it’s Christmas.

Google is still busy travelling the world indexing websites, looking for new content, new information and new websites to refresh its rankings. If your website keeps on updating, even over the Christmas period and when most normal people are opening their presents, eating their turkey and watching the Christmas episode of Doctor Who (as we are at StuckOn) then Google will thank you for it.

Not with presents, or even with a card, but with improved rankings. That’s a great present to get at Christmas.

So merry Christmas from all at StuckOn!

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