Facebooook, come out to play-yay?

Facebooook, come out to play-yay?

David Patrick Kelly in The WarriorsAccording to the Financial Times, search Godzilla Google is girding its loins to destroy the downtown Tokyo of the Internet, Facebook.

According to the erstwhile pink newspaper, the company is drawing together the elements necessary to concoct the infrastructure of a social networking site. Google has recently been spending money like a lottery-winning chav; several days ago, it acquired Jambool, which administers virtual currencies for social gaming, including many that are enjoyed on Facebook. This followed the purchase of Facebook application developer Slide for $200m and a $100m investment in Zynga, who is responsible for such Facebook games as Farmville, Fishville and Mafia Wars.

These deals mark a change in strategy for Google. Its first stab at a social network, Buzz, bellyflopped badly; it had no applications or games to speak of, and not much in the way of features. Now, instead of building a network from scratch, it looks as though it will provide a raft of games and applications and hope that a network of users commingles around it. The FT quotes an executive involved with Facebook who, having a pop at Google, commented:

“They failed to innovate on their own so now they’re throwing their chequebook at it.”

So, what could this mean for your business? Doubtless you have some sort of internet presence, whether it’s your own site, run a Facebook fan page or you’re tweeting regularly. If you’re not hip to what the next big thing is, you may find yourself sinking time and money into something that doesn’t reach an audience. This is where employing the services of an SEO expert can pay off.

A reputable search engine optimisation company should be adept at the social media arts. This not only involves viral media and reputation management, but prescience of what the next popular social media will be, and an insight into using it for your advantage. In spite of Google spoiling for a scrap, Facebook doesn’t look like its going anywhere for now, but this may not always be the case – just ask MySpace or Bebo.

Also remember what happened when, like Facebook, the Warriors were called out to play-yay… play they did. Google take heed.

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